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Seattle / Puget Sound

I have strong feelings about the city where I was born and raised.  I’ve lived in a dozen places, all in the Puget Sound area, and hiked trails in both the Cascade and Olympic ranges.  Seattle's topography and light more than its landmarks make this area a delight to citizens and visitors alike. 

Foot of Queen Anne (oil)

Queen Anne hill is surrounded by water except on the northwest and the southeast where the hill rolls down to the Seattle Center and downtown.  Architecture fans visit parts of this neighborhood to see the Craftsman style houses that sprouted around the city almost a hundred years ago.

Denny Way (oil)

A Seattle road every Seattleite has driven down at one time or another.  The predominant blue is a depiction of the cool light that falls in this northern latitude.  It was a challenge working with this limited bag of mostly similar colors – kind of like playing basketball in a closet.

Downtown From Woodland Park (oil)

As a boy I walked to school every day through the zoo and Woodland Park.  Concrete bridges over Highway 99 still connect the upper and lower parts of the park.  This perspective from one of those overpasses expresses my fondness for this view of the city to the south.

Phinney Ridge, East Side (oil)

I grew up in this hilly Seattle neighborhood full of Craftsman homes and hills so steep the sidewalks have cleats.  Sunset skirts the houses at the top of the ridge.  You can hear the sound of forks hitting dinner plates.

Phinney Ridge, West Side (oil)

This is a second oil painting of this neighborhood, a loose rendering the western slope of the ridge as it levels off toward Ballard and Puget Sound.

Fremont From Newell Street (oil)

Looking from the north side of Queen Anne across the Fremont Cut to where Ballard and Fremont run together, you can see a pattern of single-family homes filling block after block.  Ridges, ravines and waterways form the boundaries of many Seattle neighborhoods.

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