Artist Statement

My earliest memory is the pattern of light and shadow made by the blinds next to my crib.  Light has been the author of memorable events ever since:  islands of color under street lamps;  rainbows formed by the lashes of my nearly closed eyes;  the long minutes of a freighter dissolving in sunset;  a boy’s first look at the moon through a telescope.


Light has been an instrument of beauty in my life.  And painting has been a way to enter the game. 


Practicing the craft proved to be more than that of course.  Painting is an avenue to accomplishment, personal control and freedom.  I find meaning and purpose in making images that have never before seen the light of day. 


I am attracted to mystery and discovery.  The art ism’s I explored were really personal investigations that left a trail of paint leading to the future, the spirit, the nature of color and the love of place.  All these investigations have been worth my attention for years at a time. 


My methods are straightforward – a graphite composition, followed by one or more small color studies, and finally a large painting in oil or acrylic.  The process allows an in depth look that begins with complete freedom and becomes more critical as it moves toward completion.  It follows a five-step pattern of Discovery, Balancing, Refinement, Production and Invention.  I am at heart an explorer whose jungle is the imagination and an inventor and whose factory is the studio.