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Architectural Illustration

College art studies and a certificate in manual drafting got my foot in the door.

747 Upper Deck Lounge Interior (gouache)

It was great luck to get my first illustration job at Walter Dorwin Teague, an industrial design company that designed the interiors of the Boeing jets.  From day one I was in over my head.  I hired my lead man, Detroit automobile illustrator Gene Connelly, to teach me on the weekends.  The work was meticulous.  Our designers created the fabrics, patterns and colors and we mixed gouache paints to match the colors of individual threads.  I will always be grateful for the opportunity this company gave me.

767 First Class Interior (gouache)

Building an airplane interior perspective involved using scaled plans and methods hundreds of years old to create a fairly accurate view.   Jets are not boxy houses, so there were many unusual shapes and angles, including contoured seats, on which patterns had to be applied and painted believably so airline customers would have a realistic idea of what a proposed interior would look like on their fleet.

Residential Development Promotion (gouache)

This type of residential illustration was the bread and butter kind of work that kept illustrators off the streets.  The perspective drawing this painting was based on was created using a plan view and two different elevation views of the architect’s design.

Yacht Bedroom Interior (gouache)

This presentation illustration was done for the owner of a large yacht.  This proposed interior included silk lined ceilings and book matched burl wall coverings.

Yacht Bedroom Interior 2 (gouache)

Another bedroom for the same yacht.

Shoreline Schools (gouache)

I painted a series of illustrations of existing school buildings for the Shoreline, WA school district.  It is great fun painting in black and white.  Even though it’s missing the dimension of color, black and white has a flavor all its own, like movies from the forties.

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