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Russell Chatham - vast Western landscapes in limited, subtle color palettes

Edgar Payne - impressionist mountainscapes, shorelines and boats in an unmistakable style

William Wendt - California impressionist using bold, signature brushstrokes

Claude Monet - a tireless fascination with the qualities of light

Grant Wood - a painter of the heartland following the Depression

Ernest Blumenschein - the warm, rich palettes of the Southwest and its indigenous people


Frank Kendrickson - gouache exteriors

Glade Johnson - yacht design, gouache interiors

Hugh Ferriss - noir charcoal renderings of big city architectural designs of the twenties through the fifties.

David Roberts - best known for his paintings of ancient Egyptian ruins and the Mideast during the late 1830s.

Frederick Catherwood - his mid 1800s illustrations of ancient Mayan sites revealed this sophisticated culture to the rest of the world


Jacques Lipchitz - stylized, cubist sculptures that break up perception

Joan Miro - fresh, unpredictable, child-like sculptures and paintings

Richard Powers - technically an sf illustrator whose abstract book covers presaged the technical future we find ourselves in


N.C.Wyeth - scope, action, color, drama - a storyteller who did it all

Hannes Bok - an enormous imagination and a consummate stylist in chiaroscuro

Chris Van Allsburg - mature simplicity of expression with a child's sense of wonder

Chesley Bonestell - excelled in both architectural illustration and early space paintings before the space age


Eyvind Earle -lush, stylized landscapes from a former Disney illustrator

Norman Bel Geddes - the proto industrial designer known for his streamlined, futuristic designs

A host of WPA artists - graphic Depression era artworks crystallized in time

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